How to Build a Pond Aerator?

Everyone is dreaming about having a pond when they own their own homes.

And, those that are making their dreams come true have one problem. Making sure that there are getting air into the pond.

Doing the same function as a water pump and filter in a normal aquarium. With these tips, you will be able to make sure that you are building a pond aerator that will ensure that your pond is staying healthy.

How to Build a Pond Aerator?

Why is a pond aerator important?

It is important to know why you should have a pond aerator in your fish pond. Especially, if you are looking for ways to ensure that your fish and pond water is clean and healthy.

People think that pond water is moving by itself, and that you don’t need to purchase a pump to ensure that the water is moving and getting air into the water.

However, just like any other fish, it is important to make sure that you are getting air into the water for the fish to survive. Without an aerator, the water is going to get green and unhealthy for any fish to survive in.

What Do You Need to Build your Own Pond Aerator?

The good news is that you can build your own pond aerator for your pond. This isn’t as hard to build, especially if you have the right tools and other things needed for creating your aerator.

It doesn’t matter what guide you are following, you will need to have these things.

  • Standard pond pump
  • Small fountain spring
  • PVC pipe
  • Rigid tubing
  • Measuring unit
  • PVC cutter

Finding the specific guide to build your own pond aerator with these things isn’t hard. There are many guides online that you can use to build your own aerator, using this equipment.

The only thing that is really important is to purchase the right pond pump. You don’t want to purchase something that won’t be perfect for a fish pond.

Waterfall Pond Aerator

Not only does a waterfall pond aerator look great, but it is also really a cheaper way of getting air into your pond. You will see that the things you need will be a lot less than those things that you need to build a normal pond aerator.

It is really a lot easier to build for someone that doesn’t have experience in aerator making. These are the things that you will need when you are going to install a waterfall pond aerator:

  • PVC pipes
  • Standard pond pump
  • Rocks
  • Concrete

Again, you will need to purchase a pond pump and not an aquarium water pump for this to work. The aquarium water pumps are not strong enough for the ponds.

Hiring a Professional to Install One for You

You need to make sure that you are going to hire a professional to install the pond aerator if you didn’t build one before and you don’t want your fish to die and the water to get filthy.

It is sometimes a lot better to pay more for a professional installation, rather than trying to do it yourself and to fail anyway. A professional knows exactly what you will need for your pond size.

And, they will know what type of fish will be able to survive in the pond. If you are installing the wrong water pump, you might not only prevent the water from getting cleaner, but you might even find yourself, removing dead and ill fish from the water.

There are some professionals that know everything about pond aerators. A lot more than what you will ever know. This is why you might want to spend a little more money and know for sure that you are going to have a working aerator without you struggling for days to figure this out.

When you are building a fishpond, the one thing that you need to have is a water aerator. You can build one yourself, or you can purchase one that is already have been building. It doesn’t really matter what type of water aerator you are choosing, as long as it is able to do the right functions for your type of pond aquarium. With this information, you will be sure that you are going to find the best water aerator for your pond.

What to Feed Betta Fish When Out of Food?

First of all, it is important to make sure that you don’t run out of betta fish food if you have an aquarium.

What to Feed Betta Fish When Out of Food?

Then, this will not happen that you don’t have food for your betta fish. However, you are without betta food now, and you need to know what you can feed them.

It is also really important to know what other food you should give your betta fish. This is to make sure that they are as healthy as can be.

Here is everything that you need to know about your betta fish and what you should do when you don’t have food for them.

Quality is Really Important When It Comes to Betta Fish

Something that you need to know right from the start is that you need to make sure that you are giving your betta fish quality food. They won’t stay healthy if you aren’t going to give them the best food that you can find.

So many aquarium owners are making the mistake that they think that all fish food is the same quality and that you can give them the cheapest food that you can find.

But, this isn’t the truth.

It is important to make sure that you are searching for the best quality food that you can find. With a bit of research, you will know what to look for in quality betta fish food.

And, remember that expensive food doesn’t always mean better quality.

Betta Fish Flakes or Pellets?

A question that many betta fish owners are asking is which food is the best. The fish flakes or the pellets?

Betta Fish Pellets

If you are purchasing the real betta fish flakes or the real betta fish pellets, it doesn’t really matter which one you are feeding to your fish.

What does matter is the amount that you are giving? We all know that betta fish should not get too much food at a time. And, this is why many prefer the pellets.

It is easier to monitor how much they are eating with the pellets. You count out the number of pellets that you need. Something that you can’t do with the flakes.

And, many people are giving too many flakes than needed.

Should You Give other Betta Fish Food as well? And, What is Recommended

This is something that not many people know. There is other food that you can add to your betta fish diet. Things that will ensure that your fish is consuming everything they need to stay healthy.

There is freeze-dried betta food that you can also purchase and feed your betta fish. It isn’t recommended that you are only feeding them the dried betta food, without the flakes or pellets.

Freeze-Dried Betta Food

But, this is a treat for them to eat this once in a while. And, if you have this in your freezer, you won’t ever run out of food for your betta fish.

What Happens When your Betta Fish Won’t Eat

Many aquarium owners are wondering what will happen when their betta fish won’t eat.

Are they sick or just not hungry?

Most of the time, the betta fish isn’t just hungry. Or, they might be stressed. You might have cleaned the tank recently, or there were new fish added to the aquarium.

There are many reasons why your betta fish might not want to eat. And, you don’t need to stress about it.

You Have Run Out of Betta Fish Food. What Now?

Now, you have run out of betta fish food. What now?

Will your fish die without giving them food for a day, or is there anything else that you can give them until you can get into town?

First of all, fish don’t die without food that easily. But, there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that they are getting food until you can purchase new food.

If you have still-standing water, you can look for mosquito larva or any other water organisms. But, if they don’t eat it, remove immediately. There are even people that give their betta fish peas to eat when they have run out of food.

It is important to make sure that you know what to give your betta fish to eat. And, what options you have when you have run out of fish food.

With this guide, you will get to know and understand everything about betta fish food. And, what you can do when you don’t have any food for them left.

Benefits of Automatic Fish Feeder

When it comes to our aquariums, most of us are looking for the best. Things that will make our aquariums land fish healthy. One of these things that people are buying is an automatic fish feeder.

Benefits of Automatic Fish Feeder

But, is this really something that you should have, or are this just to make life with an aquarium easier?

Beginners that are setting up their aquariums for the first time don’t really know if this is something that they should purchase.

With the benefits of having this type of fish feeder, you will know if this is something that you should have or not.

What is an Automatic Fish Feeder?

For those that don’t know what an automatic fish feeder is. This is a device that you are installing on your aquarium.

It has a timer on that are giving your fish food at certain times. This is so that you don’t have to worry about the right amount of food, or that you might forget.

There are different fish feeders, with different prices. It is a good idea to get more information about the fish feeders before you decide on the one that is going to work best for you.

What is an automatic fish feeder?

Is this an Essential Tool?

It really depends on you to decide if this is an essential tool or not. Most people are getting along without one and they have a healthy aquarium. However, there are people that will not be able to have an aquarium without having a fish feeder.

So, you should decide if you are able to give your fish the right amount of food daily, or if you might forget about them.

Benefits of Having your Own Automatic Fish Feeder

Because fish feeders are expensive, you might want to know if this is really beneficial to own your own automatic fish feeder. With these benefits, you will know for sure if this is something that is going to be beneficial to you or not.

The first benefit is that you can go on business trips or holidays, without worrying about who is going to feed your fish. Not everyone is able to know the exact amount of food that your aquarium needs. With the fish feeder, you can set the timer, the amount of food and your fish will be fine for as long as you are going away.

Secondly, people are forgetting about giving their fish food. Or, they can’t remember if they had given the fish food or not. We all know that giving a fish too much food can kill them. With owning a fish feeder, you will know that the fish is getting the right amount of food. Even, if you forget about the aquarium for a day or two.

There are some fish that needs to get food more than once a day. And, if you are working all the time, your fish might not get the right amount of food. With a fish feeder, you will not have this problem and your fish will get the food, even if you are at the office until late in the evening.

Remember There are Different Types of Fish Feeders

Just something that you need to remember is that there are different types of fish feeders. And, each type of fish feeder has its own benefits and problems that you need to know. Doing research is essential before deciding to purchase a fish feeder.

An automatic fish feeder can make your life a lot easier. But, because there are people that don’t really know about fish feeders, they don’t purchase one. With these benefits, you will know if this is something that you can consider purchasing, or if you can go without it. This isn’t an essential tool that every aquarium should have but recommended in most cases.

How to Take Care of a Goldfish in a Bowl

It isn’t really hard to take care of your goldfish. Especially, if you have your goldfish in a bowl.

How to Take Care of a Goldfish in a Bowl?

However, there are still a couple of things that you need to know and consider before you can start caring for your bowl goldfish. There are many people that are saying that their goldfish doesn’t live too long in a bowl.

And, this might be because they don’t really know how to care for them correctly. This is a couple of things that you need to know about caring for your goldfish so that they can live a couple of years.

Reasons why Goldfish is dying too soon in a fish bowl

The moment that you know why your goldfish in the bowl is dying so fast, then you will be able to make sure that you are preventing it from happening again.

One thing that you need to know is that you can’t really use a filter in a fish bowl. And, therefore fish are dying faster. They don’t have the oxygen they need to survive.

The other reason is that you might have too many fish in one fish bowl. This can also cause fish to die a lot faster.

The amount of fish that you are keeping in the bowl is essential

Something to consider is that it is recommended that you are keeping only one large goldfish in a bowl. You can still get away with two smaller goldfish in a bowl, but not more.

The more fish there is in a bowl, the more oxygen they need in the water. And, the more frequently you should clean the bowl.

This is why people that have a couple of fish in a fishbowl is struggling to keep their fish alive.

2 goldfish in a bowl

Cleaning the water frequently

This is something that you should do a lot more in a fishbowl than in a fish tank. In fact, it is recommended that you don’t change the water of a tank all the time. But, this is completely different when it comes to a fishbowl.

This is important that you are cleaning the bowl and water at least once a week. And, you should make sure that you are always checking the water level. The lower the water level, the faster the fish will die.

The amount of food that you are giving them

There are two reasons why you should make sure about the amount of food that you are giving them. The first reason is that giving a fish too much food is never a good thing. They can die from eating too much.

The other reason is that the food might be left uneaten. And, this can make the fishbowl filthy. You should make sure that you are giving your fish just the right amount of food. Not too much, just enough for the fish to eat in a couple of minutes.

The benefits of life water plants

Most of the time you will see that in a fishbowl there are a life water plant as well as the goldfish. Many people are thinking that this is just to make the bowl a bit more interesting and fun to look at.

However, life water plants are making sure that there is enough oxygen in the water. Making the fishbowl and the goldfish a lot healthier.

But, this doesn’t mean that this is something that you should have in your fishbowl. There are goldfish that are surviving without these plants. You will only need to clean the bowl a lot more frequently than the person with the water plant in the fishbowl.

Many people think that owning a fishbowl with a goldfish is a lot less work than an aquarium. However, this isn’t really the case.

Because of not using filters and air filters, you will need to clean the fish bowl a lot more frequently than normal aquariums. With this guide on how to take care of your goldfish correctly, you will have a healthy fish that will be living for a couple of years.

And you will be able to enjoy your fish without always worrying about the fish that is looking sick.