Wyoming Backcountry Fly Fishing Excursion


Josh Roth with a “choker” cutthroat


This is one of those trips that most fly anglers have always had on their bucket list of things to do in their fly fishing careers. Riding horseback up into the wild backcountry of Wyoming to camp and fish for beautiful native cutthroat trout is just as much of an adventure as it is a fishing trip. Our outfitter guides us up nine miles into the Bridger-Teton Wilderness Area where there is no cell phone service, no people and no escape from the beauty of the Wyoming backcountry. You will, however, experience an abundance of wildlife, gorgeous cutthroats and brook trout, great food cooked over an open campfire and plenty of excitement at what each new day will have in store.

The fishing takes place on the North Fork and Soda Butte which are both tributaries to the Buffalo River. We ride horseback to new stretches of water each day and even have access to a high altitude lake full of fat and happy cutthroats. Catching trout on big hopper patterns is the norm and the evening hatches can be epic.

Our tent camp is set up on a bluff overlooking the expansive meadow through which the Soda Butte snakes its way to the Buffalo. Hearty cowboy meals are prepared by the outfitter each day and you will be amazed at his skill using a dutch oven. A roaring campfire keeps the evening chill at bay and allows for a great place to recall all the days action. You can imagine why this is one of our most popular trips!


DATES: July 31-August 6, 2017

COST: $1,500 (amount does not include airfare, WY fishing license, two night stay in Jackson and gratuities)