TN Stream Reports


Last Update: September 12th, 2017


The Watauga has been fishing well. Make sure to check the generation schedule if you plan on wading. Terrestrials, BWO nymphs and general mayfly nymphs have been the ticket.  Here are the patterns you need to have handy:

pheasant tails (16-20), Adams purple parachute (16-18), parachute and cdc sulphur patterns (16-18). Stoneflies and worm patterns will produce as well. Don’t forget what a great terrestrial stream the Watauga can be. Make sure to have a selection of inchworms, ants and beetles.


The recent conditions have been great for wading with just one short generation period per day.  Here’s what you need in your fly box if you’re headed over that way:

zebra midges in black and olive (18-20), , rainbow warriors and small pheasant tails (18-20). On top CDC and parachute sulphur patterns and blue winged olive patterns are all you’ll need right now. Streamers can be deadly during high water conditions, especially if you get a cloudy day.

You can check the generation schedule for both rivers on the “Links” page of our website.