There is something special and exciting about putting a fishing trip together. We have all done it: make the plans of when and where, recruit a couple of your fishing pals, clear it with your wife and work and once it looks like the trip is actually going to happen the anticipation begins. It doesn’t matter if said trip is for a week, a long weekend or just for a day, you count the days until it arrives. All the while, researching what gear you need, what flies will be working, how to get there and trying your best to get away at 11am instead of 2pm. As soon as the starting day arrives it’s over. You are back home unpacking all the gear you took, most of which you didn’t use. Pulling waders out to hang and dry and emptying you vest or pack to let it air out.
The end of these trips is what I have never gotten used to. There is always that moment when you realize it’s over. It doesn’t matter if you caught more fish than ever or if the fishing was way off, it’s over and you are checking back into the real world which is precisely what you planned the trip to escape from. In a perfect world you arrive home to a happy smiling wife who has done all the yard work, children who behaved and did well in school while you were gone, bills that have been paid, only a handful of emails and voicemails to respond to, none of which are serious in nature and coworkers who took care of any and all problems at work. Of course, in a perfect world you wouldn’t have to work or pay bills and the only emails you’d have would be from the lodges and outfitters from all the destination trips you had littering your calendar.
You know what works in helping ease the pain and frustration of having a long awaited trip come to an end? Get busy planning another trip. Yep, that is the one guaranteed cure for those post trip blues. It gives you something to look forward to again and we all know that that can give us the strength we need to ease back into the reality of life.

Although, my advice would be to throw in a trip or dinner date with your wife every now and then. It keeps her happy and besides, she does do the yard work when you are gone…doesn’t she?