Jun 6th


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Here is a lesson learned the hard way. Year: 1994. Month: September. Location: Near Basalt, CO. River: Frying Pan. Reason for being there: To catch fish. Luckily, I had a day off from delivering room service ( go ahead and laugh) at the Hyatt Resort in Beaver Creek. I jumped in the Jeep and headed west on I70 through Glenwood Springs, through Basalt and an hour later parked at a pull off near the river. I took off my sunglasses, hung them on the corner of the opened car door and proceeded to put some sunscreen on my face and neck. Anxious to get in the water I flung the door shut and heard the sound that would end up ruining the day. It looked as if someone had blown my sunglasses up with a grenade. I dropped a few salty words and decided to rig up and get started anyway. Have you ever tried to fish on a bright sunny day without sunglasses? Let me tell you, it sucks! After about ninety minutes of squinting from the hard glare that same grenade that blew up my sunglasses was now in my head firing off. Major headache and a unexpected end to the fishing day.

The lesson learned was to always have a backup. When it comes to things such as sunglasses, reels, fly lines and rods a backup is crucial. What if you slam the door on the one rod you brought or your reel seizes up or your fly line decides it’s tired of not being taken care of and comes apart? If you don’t have a backup for these things your fishing day is over, sometimes before it even began. Heck, I even carry a backup pair of forceps in my vest. Try getting a size 22 midge nymph dislodged from a trouts mouth without them.